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The history of Australian history

History teacher, Adrea Fox, explores the impact the people setting down our nation's history have had on that narrative.

History – a toolkit of skills for the chameleon workplace

Dr Michael Adcock is the Head of History in the Senior School. Here, he explains the perhaps less recognised benefits that studying history can bring.

The power of picture books

Teacher LIbrarian at Grimwade House, Bronwyn Joseph, has recently been appointed as a judge for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards in the Early Childhood category.

Auguries of Innocence

"It’s a wonderful thing when a student realises the power of words."

The importance of a humanised curriculum

2021 Captain of School, William Flintoft, highlights the need for teaching and learning to be underpinned by social and moral imperatives.

Understanding the other: debating and public speaking

Senior School teacher, Vincent Chiang (OM 2010) explains why debate and public speaking are about more than the communication of ideas.

On loving one’s neighbour

Nietzsche’s views on Christianity may be more complex than initial analysis suggests, according to Dr Felicity McCutcheon.

Can everyone be successful at Mathematics?

What if the common misconception that you are either good at Mathematics or not simply isn’t true?

The interplay between teaching and testing

Does testing always measure student learning in meaningful ways?

Re-shaping our teaching for new situations

Director of Learning & Research, Andrew Baylis, explores the implications of the off-campus learning model for students and teachers.

Why a Chapel Choir?

Director of Music, Philip Carmody, explains the historical background to today's Chapel Choirs.

The importance of a strong sense of community

A reflection by Tom Bartlett, 2020 Captain of School A strong sense of community is habitually promoted as...