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At Melbourne Grammar we honour, challenge and build upon a history of ideas. In our newest addition to Grammar News, The Library, we showcase outstanding writing from across our School that continues this tradition of thoughtful investigation.
Through poetry, essays, speeches and more, our writers explore ideas that are important to our students, staff, community and the wider world.

Auguries of Innocence

"It’s a wonderful thing when a student realises the power of words."

The importance of a humanised curriculum

2021 Captain of School, William Flintoft, highlights the need for teaching and learning to be underpinned by social and moral imperatives.

Why you should listen in Chapel

Spiritual reflection is a cornerstone of education at Melbourne Grammar explains Henry Carmichael, Year 12 student and 2020 Sir Kingsley Norris Orator, in his winning speech.

How evil leaders are elected and what we must learn from this

2020 Junior Orator and Year 9 student, Daniel Cash, explores how the mistakes made throughout history continue to occur in his Sir Kingsley Norris Oratory Competition speech.

The Whitlam dismissal and the ‘Palace Letters’

Year 11 student, Hudson Skinner, uses the recently released 'Palace letters' to reconsider aspects of the consitutional crisis in 1975.

The contested history of Australian Rules Football

Here, Year 10 student, Oliver McDonald, uses newly available historical evidence to build a cogent view on the shaping of the game.

Year 5 poetry

Year 5 poets share their original compositions. These were presented as part of the 2020 Year 5 Poetry competition.