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Courage and humility define a career in tech

Working at the cutting edge of tech policy at a time of unprecedented change, Old Melburnian Simon Harari says he relies on his ability to take responsibility in the face of uncertainty.

New leadership in boarding

Introducing our new Director Of Boarding, Belinda Annan, who steps into the role after many years of service to our School.

Finding the meaning in medicine

For Old Melburnian Dr Victor Lin, the questions he started asking in his philosophy classes are still relevant to the impressive medical career he has today.

Building confidence, empathy and resilience through Drama

Head of Drama Mark Brady discusses the many ways in which studying drama benefits students beyond the classroom.

The joys of the acting “marathon”

Jack Martin has loved performing ever since his Melbourne Grammar debut. Today, his many years of dedication to acting are paying off.

Performing across the world

Ever since her Grimwade House stage debut, Kahlia Davis has been making her own luck, and now performs on the world stage.

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A new opportunity for everyday engagement with art

The new sculpture at Melbourne Grammar School - 'Ape Right Hand' - presents students for another opportunity for an everyday association with art.

Learning to walk in two worlds

Returning to our School for Reconciliation Week, Tiwi man Patrick Heenan reflects on his life's journey.

Tackling programming challenges on the world stage

At this year’s International Olympiad in Informatics, Year 11 student Miles Conway will be one of just four students representing Australia with his impressive programming and logic skills.

Friends of Grammar: a story of enduring service and commitment

The formal establishment of Friends of Grammar in the 1960s has had positive reverberations throughout the School community ever since.

Dedication and friendship spanning generations

Two past Friends of Grammar Presidents—who happen to be mother and daughter—share the highlights of their time in this busy yet deeply rewarding role.

When Leo interviewed Annette…

Year 6 student Leo Marchesani interviews our Head of Drama at Grimwade House and finds out a few surprises.

Connecting the classroom with real-world context

After two weeks in Paris and Barcelona, History teacher Jeremy Hamilton has been able to bring a new, richer perspective on world events back to the classroom.

Hockey: on the verge of making history

With only a few games left in the season, our First XI Hockey team is set to achieve a feat last attained by the School in 1981.

Public speaking success

Congratulations to three students who have showcased their outstanding public speaking talent in recent competitive events.

Aladdin Jr: a magic carpet ride

Everyone loves the tale of Aladdin, and our Year 6 performers created a wonderful musical version of the story.

2023 King’s Birthday Honours

Congratulations to the 2023 King's Birthday Honour recipients from the Melbourne Grammar School community.

Tourism and its impact on Philip Island

Year 11 student, Leo Li, outlines how fieldwork aids learning in Geography.


Philanthropy lies at the heart of Melbourne Grammar School's history, success and values.
Philanthropic Impact provides an overview of the generosity of our School community from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022.

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