Why is a global perspective so important?

We want our students to be informed, confident and respectful global citizens. Here are some of the reasons why.

Today, how we teach matters as much as what we teach

The days of “chalk and talk” only classrooms are well behind us. Head of Grimwade House, Royce Helm, explains what’s changed in primary school teaching, and why.

Maintaining connections across Grimwade House

Daniel Cash and Bea Froomes-Houseman first met in Prep at Grimwade House. They reflect on their connection with Grimwade House.

New leadership in boarding

Introducing our new Director Of Boarding, Belinda Annan, who steps into the role after many years of service to our School.

Recognising the value and risk of new technologies

Informed, moral, and ethical human thinking and dialogue are integral elements of a Melbourne Grammar School education and these cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence – but there are some benefits we can explore.

From The Old Melburnians

We encourage all Old Melburnians to get involved in our vibrant Old Melburnian community.

How long-term thinking secures our School’s financial future

Our Chair of Council reflects on the process that ensures our School remains financially robust and well-managed.

Encouraging students to use their voice

When used in the right way, your vioce has the power to change the world around you. At Melbourne Grammar School, learning how to express yourself confidently, clearly and with respect is an important part of our educational program.

Is it better to give or to receive?

All members of our School community have the opportunity to show leadership in demonstrating the importance of giving.

The invisible support that shapes our School

Our Chair of Council reflects on the work of those who contribute to our School as volunteers, quietly supporting our community in important ways.

Courage in the face of adversity

We all face challenges every day - but it is how we respond to these that is important. I believe that courage and hard work can overcome many obstacles.

Towards 2030: our vision, values and priorities

Towards 2030 sets out Melbourne Grammar School’s strategic intentions.