Living together, celebrating difference

For our boarders, inclusivity and a welcoming community are much more than ideals—they’re part of daily school life.

A boarder’s reflection

James Kealy (OM 2021) highlights the pros and cons of boarding at Melbourne Grammar, and recognises those who helped him on his journey.

A new opportunity for connection and care

Already a respected French teacher at Wadhurst, Adrienne Richardson is excited by the possibilities of her new role in our boarding community.

A scholarship history that spans generations

Eighty years after his death, Edwin Flack’s generosity is still having a positive impact on Melbourne Grammar students, their broader community, and the world at large.

Finding connection in a fractured time

As a boarding family, the Smiths have had to adapt many times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and find new opportunities to give and receive support.

Going above and beyond for our boarders

As both Boarding Tutor and Head of Psychology, Pip Angus values the chance to work and live alongside students in a community that includes her young family.

Prioritising education

The COVID-19 crisis presented our international students with an unexpected dilemma.

Drama success for two boarders

2019 Year 12 students, Dylan Glatz and Anson Kearney, were selected to perform in Top Class 2020.

The value of lifelong learning

Harry Chester is the 2019 Captain of School and a boarder in School House. He presents his views on learning and why it should never end.

Settling into boarding

We welcome new Boarding students each year. This article highlights some of the steps taken to make the transition as easy as possible.