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Our Orchestra creates a symphony for the regions

Melbourne Grammar School’s Symphony Orchestra took a different approach to their tour this year - travelling around Victoria by train.

Meet the 2023 School Captains

Our 2023 student leaders exemplify self-leadership and reflection of the School values.

2022 Post-school destinations

Members of the Class of 2022 are exploring a wide range of courses in universities across Australia and the world.

Outstanding 2022 VCE results

With three students achieving the maximum ATAR of 99.95, and 14% of the cohort placed in the top 1% of the State, the Class of 2022's VCE results were outstanding.

Bringing nature back into the urban environment

Melbourne Grammar School's involvement in the Melbourne Pollinator Corridor will make a real difference to local flora and fauna.

Putting inclusivity into action

The new Across Boundaries Committee is celebrating our School’s diverse culture and finding new opportunities to champion inclusivity.

A hat-trick for the First XI

Winning all three elements of this year’s Tri-Grammar Cricket Festival, our First XI puts their success down to mature playing and strong team connections.

Macbeth: a tale of ambition and sorrow

The 2023 Quad Play was a masterful presentation of one of Shakespeare's finest plays.

Finding beauty in likely and unlikely places

Melbourne Grammar student artwork currently hanging in the NGV is having a positive impact on other students.

What goes into a perfect ATAR score?

For our top ATAR achievers, that final score reflects both a commitment to study and time spent supporting others.

Valedictory celebrations in 2022

It was a joy to return to our traditional Valedictory celebrations this year.

Taking the initiative to spark change

Our School Captains have started a conversation about sustainability that they hope will transform our actions over the years to come.