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How well do you know someone?

2021 Sir Kingley Norris Orator and Year 12 student, Felix Archibald, muses on the problem of identity.

Sorry. We are (closed) OPEN.

Exhibitions of art in all its forms enable the sharing of ideas. The annual VCE Visual and Performing Arts Exhibition is a fine example of this.

Good debaters argue, great debaters collaborate

Continuing an unprecedented four-year run of State debating wins, this year’s A Grade team shares their secret to success.

What we gain through service

A new publication is bringing together students, teachers and the community to answer a question core to our values: Why do we engage in service?

Music concerts continue during lockdown

Performance in front of an audience is an important aspect of a musician's education.

Science Week: different by design

Staging Science Week during a COVID-19 lockdown led to new approaches and mindsets.

How the Olympics inspire learning

The Olympics remain as fascinating in the classroom as they are in the stadium. These are just some of the ways the Games have been part of our curriculum over the years.

The “lightbulb moment” beyond the School gates

For our geography students, there’s no better place to grasp classroom concepts than in the field.

Swimming success

For Year 12 student and 2024 Olympic hopeful, Ed Speller, dedication and details make the difference.

Luca builds a bike

Luca Arcaro has created an exceptional piece of machinery through dedication 'above and beyond'.

Watch: Student performances in the Myer Music School

These wonderful performances by our 2021 Captain of Music, a jazz duo and a string quartet demonstrate the depth and breadth of musical talent at the School.

Teaching and creative practice is a “magic” combination

In celebrating the success of her latest exhibition, Cat Poljski sees teaching as essential to her work as a practicing artist.