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Old Melburnian reunion photos + upcoming events

View photos from recent Old Melburnian reunions, and find out more about upcoming events.

Introducing The Old Melburnians Council

The Old Melburnians Council aims to bring generations, old and new, together to create a better future.

New perspectives, common ground

President of The Old Melburnians, Martin Scott KC (OM 1980), has observed commonalities across the Old Melburnian community.

A father-son history with the Quad Play

Two former Quad Play actors have undertaken quite different career paths in the entertainment industry.

A lifetime of nature’s work recognised

A steward of nature, Leon Costermans OAM (OM 1950) has been dedicated to exploring and preserving the beauty of Victoria's bushland for more than 70 years.

Redefining volunteering in a digital age

Tanya Dontas' online platform Vollie is revolutionising volunteering by breaking barriers, connecting people with causes and making a quantifiable difference.

Preparing for the electric revolution

When electric vehicle use was little more than a theory, Tim Washington was already planning for a transformation.

How green homemade smoothies became a thriving business

Simon Guest (OM 2000) and his wife took a chance back in 2014, attempting to bring their home-made green smoothies to the public as part of a bricks-and-mortar enterprise.

From reluctant viticulturist to Master of Wine

Although Kate McIntyre (OM 1990) grew up in the world of wine, it was by no means a foregone conclusion that she would make it her career.

Using culinary expertise to redefine an approach to food

After a brilliant career in restaurants Tobie Puttock (OM 1992) is taking a sustainable stance on food.

Five generations of flavour, tradition and innovation

Under the leadership of Chris Langdon (OM 1980), the Langdon family business established in 1852 continues to flourish.

How Ian Taylor’s work has changed the world

Professor Ian Taylor AO (OM 1957) talks about his love of working with his hands, his extraordinary research and how his latest study received acclaim from his hero, Sir David Attenborough.