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Helping students to find their guiding light

Justin Glenn (OM 1993) describes his path to becoming the Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Melbourne Grammar School as anything but “straightforward”. After...

Unlearning as a first step to transforming the classroom

As principal of a school in a tiny remote community, Joe Hewett (OM 1993) has gained a completely new perspective on what successful teaching looks like.

Preparing for life after sporting success

Teaching is just one of the options Alex Keath (OM 2010) is considering post-AFL.

Learning to walk in two worlds

Returning to our School for Reconciliation Week, Tiwi man Patrick Heenan reflects on his life's journey.

Courage and humility define a career in tech

Working at the cutting edge of tech policy at a time of unprecedented change, Old Melburnian Simon Harari says he relies on his ability to take responsibility in the face of uncertainty.

Finding the meaning in medicine

For Old Melburnian Dr Victor Lin, the questions he started asking in his philosophy classes are still relevant to the impressive medical career he has today.

Performing across the world

Ever since her Grimwade House stage debut, Kahlia Davis has been making her own luck, and now performs on the world stage.

The joys of the acting “marathon”

Jack Martin has loved performing ever since his Melbourne Grammar debut. Today, his many years of dedication to acting are paying off.

Seeing the world by following the sun

The rich life of Zeus Merfield (OM 1918) demonstrates just how far following our passions can take us.

Vale Barry Humphries AO CBE (OM 1951)

One of the world's finest comedic performers, Old Melburnian Barry Humphries died on 22 April 2023.

A strategic path to success

After being inducted into the Hockey Australia Hall of Fame, Lachlan Dreher shares the importance of strategy, detachment and a sense of fun.

Collaborating for our community’s water security

Grimwade House graduate Chloe Wiesenfeld is working on one of the biggest challenges Victoria will face in the next 50 years: the security of our water supply.