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History & Recollections

A history of our Boat Houses

Over the years, our various Boat Houses have been a place of celebration, excellence and, on occasion, tragedy.

Aircraft landings on our grounds

Our ovals have been the site of many fine sporting events over the years, but they have also received visits from various aircraft - some expected, and others not.

Old Melburnian footballers close out the 1956 Olympic Games

At the 1956 Games, thousands saw the Olympic rings displayed on Australian Rules football players’ uniforms as part of a historic demonstration match.

A man of principle meets Olympic controversy

When Olympic organisers bent the rules for selection in 1936, one Old Melburnian decided to speak up.

A festival of fine art complements the Games

The 1956 Melbourne Games was accompanied by a celebration of fine art across Australia, including contributions by Old Melburnians and former Melbourne Grammar staff members.

Staff leave their mark on Games history

Our Olympic athletes aren’t limited to former students. Staff members have also pursued glory at the Games in a variety of ways.

Three Old Melburnian organisers who shaped Olympic history

The many Old Melbournians who have contributed to Australia’s Olympic history include those making significant contributions behind the scenes.

A visit by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

The School was honoured by a visit from His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on 31 October 1973.

Expansion and upgrade of the Myer Music School

The newly refurbished Myer Music School will inspire many future generations of young Melbourne Grammar musicians.

A record of cricketing achievement

We have much to celebrate when it comes to our sporting achievements, and our cricketing history is no exception.