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Today, how we teach matters as much as what we teach

The days of “chalk and talk” only classrooms are well behind us. Head of Grimwade House, Royce Helm, explains what’s changed in primary school teaching, and why.

2023 Premier’s VCE Awards

Six Melbourne Grammar School 2022 VCE students have been recognised for their exceptional academic achievements last year through the 2023 Premier’s VCE Awards. Congratulations to: Roddy...

Helping students to find their guiding light

Justin Glenn (OM 1993) describes his path to becoming the Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Melbourne Grammar School as anything but “straightforward”. After...

Building confidence, empathy and resilience through Drama

Head of Drama Mark Brady discusses the many ways in which studying drama benefits students beyond the classroom.

Tackling programming challenges on the world stage

At this year’s International Olympiad in Informatics, Year 11 student Miles Conway will be one of just four students representing Australia with his impressive programming and logic skills.

When Leo interviewed Annette…

Year 6 student Leo Marchesani interviews our Head of Drama at Grimwade House and finds out a few surprises.

A new opportunity for everyday engagement with art

The new sculpture at Melbourne Grammar School - 'Ape Right Hand' - presents students for another opportunity for an everyday association with art.

Connecting the classroom with real-world context

After two weeks in Paris and Barcelona, History teacher Jeremy Hamilton has been able to bring a new, richer perspective on world events back to the classroom.

Tourism and its impact on Philip Island

Year 11 student, Leo Li, outlines how fieldwork aids learning in Geography.

Aladdin Jr: a magic carpet ride

Everyone loves the tale of Aladdin, and our Year 6 performers created a wonderful musical version of the story.