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Topic: Old Melburnians in Community Service

Finding local solutions to a global challenge

Now working for the World Health Organisation, Scott Pendergast shares his path to a career in international development, and how he maintains a work-life balance.

Support for Old Melburnians making positive change

Two Old Melburnians have used the Old Melburnians Dick Cotton Fellowship to make a real difference in Indigenous communities.

Sharing a simple practice and lifelong passion

A lifetime birdwatcher and dedicated volunteer prompts Senior School students to see their campus from a new perspective.

How service defines a Reverend’s faith

Old Melburnian Rev’d Dr Peter French says our education is not just our own, but something we must share “in the service of humanity”.

Breaking the poverty cycle through education

Anton Leschen (OM 1983) is working to change the trajectory of disadvantaged students. Read more.

Generations of ‘giving back’

Old Melburnian Michael Cotton (OM 1996) is providing financially disadvantaged students with scholarships to independent school.