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Dedication to tech-based innovation and entrepreneurship

Dr Charlie Day (OM 1988) explains how the Marian Flack Scholarship contributes to a culture of academic excellence at the School.

Courage and humility define a career in tech

Working at the cutting edge of tech policy at a time of unprecedented change, Old Melburnian Simon Harari says he relies on his ability to take responsibility in the face of uncertainty.

Collaborating for our community’s water security

Grimwade House graduate Chloe Wiesenfeld is working on one of the biggest challenges Victoria will face in the next 50 years: the security of our water supply.

Turning the ship around on sustainability

Creating a more sustainable world takes patience, but for Chester Cunningham (OM 1993), there’s no question about the importance of his work.

Stanley Melbourne Bruce, a Life of Service

Year 12 student, Marcus Allen, explores the lasting impact of Stanley Melbourne Bruce (OM 1901), appointed Prime Minister of Australian in 1923.

Two journeys from philosophy to profession

Having following very similar trajectories leading up to university, two Old Melburnians with a passion for philosophy then took their learning in different directions.

Finding success by following a craving

Natasha Chiam’s entrepreneurial spirit has taken her from market stall owner to leader of an international brand.

New models of service and success

Our new OM Council President continues to be guided by Melbourne Grammar values and the confidence he gained at our School.

A two-way exchange of experience and knowledge

Our Career Masterclass programme offers opportunities for both mentors and mentees to see their life paths from new perspectives.

An open mind leads to tech success

Entrepreneur Huw Birrell is working to transform the fast-moving food industry. Recently, he took time out to share his insights with our Old Melburnian community.