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Making sustainability everyone’s business

It’s never too early to start learning about sustainability. Our Year 5 students are already coming up with some sustainable ideas of their own.

Why Latin and the Classics still matter

The benefits of studying these subjects goes far beyond knowing the facts of ancient history.

Classics and Latin at Melbourne Grammar

An overview of the history of teaching these important subjects at the School.

Conversations with elders encourage empathy

Through the Argo program, our Year 7 students have been forging new connections with the elders in their lives.

The “lightbulb moment” beyond the School gates

For our geography students, there’s no better place to grasp classroom concepts than in the field.

The history of Australian history

History teacher, Adrea Fox, explores the impact the people setting down our nation's history have had on that narrative.

History – a toolkit of skills for the chameleon workplace

Dr Michael Adcock is the Head of History in the Senior School. Here, he explains the perhaps less recognised benefits that studying history can bring.

The Whitlam dismissal and the ‘Palace Letters’

Year 11 student, Hudson Skinner, uses the recently released 'Palace letters' to reconsider aspects of the consitutional crisis in 1975.

National History Challenge success

Melbourne Grammar students shone in the National History Challenge again this year, across a wide range of categories.

Understanding the other: debating and public speaking

Senior School teacher, Vincent Chiang (OM 2010) explains why debate and public speaking are about more than the communication of ideas.