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The passion and persistence of our fifth Gold Medallist

“My Olympic dream came to life at Grimwade,” says Jessica Morrison, who has faced multiple setbacks on her path to a Gold Medal.

Good luck!

We hope you enjoy these messages of support for our Old Melburnian 2021 Olympians created by Grimwade House students.

Recognising our community of world champions

We celebrate the numerous Old Melburnians who have reached world championship status outside the Olympic Games.

Old Melburnian footballers close out the 1956 Olympic Games

At the 1956 Games, thousands saw the Olympic rings displayed on Australian Rules football players’ uniforms as part of a historic demonstration match.

A man of principle meets Olympic controversy

When Olympic organisers bent the rules for selection in 1936, one Old Melburnian decided to speak up.

Gold Medallist: Edwin Flack (OM 1890)

Celebrating “The Lion of Athens”, Australia’s first Olympian whose legacy continues to support our students.

Three Old Melburnian organisers who shaped Olympic history

The many Old Melbournians who have contributed to Australia’s Olympic history include those making significant contributions behind the scenes.

Our dedicated Olympic medal winners

It takes a rare combination of skill and commitment to become an Olympic medallist. We celebrate those from our community who have achieved this exceptional goal.

The competitors who forged new Olympic traditions

There are sports that are comfortably part of our School’s Olympic tradition, and then there are those choices which might be less obvious....

Gold Medallist: Danni Roche OAM (OM 1987)

One of our School’s most successful athletes, hockey player Danni Roche has successfully translated her sporting prowess into roles that contribute to business and sports leadership.