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The competitors who forged new Olympic traditions

There are sports that are comfortably part of our School’s Olympic tradition, and then there are those choices which might be less obvious....

Gold Medallist: Danni Roche OAM (OM 1987)

One of our School’s most successful athletes, hockey player Danni Roche has successfully translated her sporting prowess into roles that contribute to business and sports leadership.

Gold Medallist: Tom King OAM (OM 1990)

Saluting an Olympian who continued to give to his sport well after his Gold Medal win.

Gold Medallist: David Crawshay OAM (OM 1997)

David Crawshay’s rowing career is defined by talent, dedication and a willingness to give back to his sporting community.

Tim Masters (OM 2009)

Tim Masters heads into his first Olympic Games with an impressive collection of medals and a rowing history that stretches back to his primary school days.

Jessica Morrison (OM 2010)

Entering her second Olympic Games after a succession of medal wins, Jessica Morrison is known for her consistency and example of quiet leadership.

Henry Frayne (OM 2007)

Henry Frayne’s Long Jump record at Melbourne Grammar School remains unbroken. This year, he will represent Australia in his third Olympic Games.

Old Melburnian all-stars football team

One hundred and sixty Old Melburnians have played football at an elite level. This team represents the very best of them.

A record of cricketing achievement

We have much to celebrate when it comes to our sporting achievements, and our cricketing history is no exception.

Connections across time through sporting prowess

Four of the school’s most intricate and beautiful sports trophies are linked by an Australian Prime Minister and an Olympian.