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Topic: President of The Old Melburnians

Building our community

‘What does it mean to be an Old Melburnian?’ is just one of the questions the Council is currently exploring.

A constant during periods of change

Change can be daunting at the best of times. Not long after a global pandemic, we are facing a new political landscape, an energy...

New models of service and success

Our new OM Council President continues to be guided by Melbourne Grammar values and the confidence he gained at our School.

A change in Foundation leadership

Julian Smith (OM 1975) is the new President of the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation.

Being an Old Melburnian

Being an Old Melburnian is a lifelong journey - but how does this translate in practice?

Past, present and future

Andrew Tulloch, President of the Old Melburnians, outlines the many opportunities Old Melburnians have to engage wtih each other.

Opportunities to connect for Old Melburnians

The President of the Old Melburnians, Andrew Tulloch (OM 1986), highlights the importance of connection and describes current connection opportunities.

Continuing to connect

Andrew Tulloch, President of the Old Melburnians, describes how the sense of community was continued this year through new initiatives, and looks forward to 2021.

A time for proactive support

The purpose of the Old Melburnians Society is to foster goodwill amongst the alumni of Melbourne Grammar and support the welfare of the school.

We aim to ‘connect and grow’

The purpose of The Old Melburnians Council is to support OMs to connect and grow, according to the President of The Old Melburnians.