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Gratitude for the opportunity that diversity brings

Headmaster, Philip Grutzner, explains why inclusiveness has become a strong focus of the School.

What is important?

The past 22 months have caused many to question what they value most and what makes for a good life.

The importance of collaboration

Competitiveness works best when it goes hand in hand with a strong focus on collaboration and respect for others.

Mistakes, blame and consequences

Headmaster, Mr Philip Grutzner, highlights the importance of owning the consequences of your actions. He also announces changes to the School's Senior Executive team.

What is the purpose of education?

Education has a higher order purpose according to Headmaster, Mr Philip Grutzner.

What have we learnt?

Students have spent time in an off-campus learning mode this year. However, Headmaster, Mr Philip Grutzner, explains why online learning can never effectively replace the traditional approach.

Preparing for a challenging world

The world is a place of turmoil and we are invited into global woes each day through media and other mechanisms. Should we refuse to acknowledge the negative aspects of our environment, or is education the key to resolving them? Here, Headmaster, Mr Philip Grutzner, explores the issues underpinning this question.

A unique school association fosters global connections

The G30 Schools group is enabling students, teachers and the Headmaster to build meaningful connections across borders.

Beyond resilience: building a culture of big ideas

Big ideas – ideas that can reshape our communities and our world – are a crucial part of our education program at Melbourne Grammar.