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Why Latin and the Classics still matter

The benefits of studying these subjects goes far beyond knowing the facts of ancient history.

Campuses come to life through cultural connections

The cultural diversity of our learning program, our students and our community was celebrated through recent festive events.

auspicia in Latin reading competition

Latin is a relatively small VCE subject in terms of student numbers across Victoria, but it is one in which Melbourne Grammar students excel.

A propitious trip to Mauritius

Year 8 French students enjoyed an immersion in French language and Mauritian culture experience again this year.

A visit to Government House

The Governor of Victoria invited Grimwade House students to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with her at Government House.

Wadhurst Classics Tour 2018

Year 8 Latin student, Seb Cheston, reports on the recent Classics tour to Italy, where students gained context for their studies.