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Topic: Old Melburnians in Academia

The use of data within schools

Data is an essential part of any educator's toolkit but, like any tool, it needs be to used properly.

The power of strong educational foundations

“Grimwade House teaches you to believe in something and work hard for it,” says Vivienne Crompton, whose passion for our School led her back to the Old Melburnians Council.

From Wadhurst to world-changing medical research

Paul Schreier’s path from an entrance scholar to his role fighting COVID-19 has been defined by a willingness to “roll the dice”.

A love of learning well beyond the classroom

Daryl Evans’ life in education shows a dedication to community and the value of every learning experience.

A career that celebrates School culture

For Dan Church (OM 1990), working at Melbourne Grammar has involved contribution and achievement in equal measure.

Grounding big ideas in practical realities

For Emeritus Professor Bob Officer AM (OM 1957), it’s the real-world application of our thinking that really matters.

A return to Grimwade continues a multi-generational connection

When Steph Freeman (OM 2004) speaks about the sense of Community she feels at Grimwade House, it's with a voice of rare experience.