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Topic: Old Melburnians in The Arts

Protecting Bendigo’s multicultural heritage

Led by an Old Melburnian, Bendigo’s Golden Dragon Museum is much more than a home for cultural artefacts.

Creating the look for superheroes and everyday heroes

With a job that involves working on blockbuster sets, Anna de Meyrick says organisation is key to her creativity.

Building opportunity in a high-pressure world

A pragmatic attitude defines the work of an Old Melburnian whose photography now appears on the cover of Vogue.

Two new Chapel windows at Grimwade House

An accomplished Old Melburnian and a generous benefactor of the School have combined to transform the Chapel at Grimwade House.

Lifelong innovator sees spirituality in the everyday

A willingness to experiment has been central to the career of renowned glass artist, David Wright (OM 1966).

The winding path to creative success

David Morton’s artistic career is defined by his openness to learning in all its forms.

The impact of the Chapel Choir

Two former Senior Choristers and now successful professional singers, Timothy Reynolds (OM 2001) and Max Riebl (OM 2009), speak about their time in the Chapel Choir, and their impressive careers.

Former Choristers perform

Former Senior Choristers, Timothy Reynolds (OM 2001) and Max Riebl (OM 2009), generously perform Kind Health descends on downy wings from Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne by Handel in the Chapel of St Peter.

Drumming up talent

Former Captain of Jazz, James Legg (OM 2011), returns to deliver a series of masterclasses and some useful advice as well.

A journalism career stretching across the world

Routinely described as one of the legends in the Australian media landscape, Peter Game (OM 1944) almost pursued an entirely different path.