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Topic: December 2019 Edition

Discovering hidden strengths

Our Strong Girls workshop brought Grimwade girls together to discuss confidence and the many ways we can recognise and foster strength.

A potted history of a medical breakthrough

Our School Archives includes a small pot. Its history is more significant than you might think.

A FOG reflection on 2019

The Friends of Grammar Committees report on their busy year supporting the Melbourne Grammar School community.

Continuing connections to the School

Simon Derham (OM 1973) highlights the importance of supporting the School so it can maintain relevance.

Building collective support

The “Anticlockwisers” are bound by a shared history and by their commitment to support the future of our Indigenous students.

Leading a transformation in the diagnosis of glaucoma

In his role at Specsavers, Peter Larsen is working to save the sight of thousands of people each year through better glaucoma diagnosis.

Breaking the poverty cycle through education

Anton Leschen (OM 1983) is working to change the trajectory of disadvantaged students. Read more.

“The more you give, the more you receive.”

Speaking at the Old Melburnians Annual Dinner, Mr Simon McKeon AO (OM 1973), highlighted how giving to others has improved his own life.

We aim to ‘connect and grow’

The purpose of The Old Melburnians Council is to support OMs to connect and grow, according to the President of The Old Melburnians.

Drumming up talent

Former Captain of Jazz, James Legg (OM 2011), returns to deliver a series of masterclasses and some useful advice as well.