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Topic: December 2021 Edition

A year of perseverance and progress

Chair of Council Andrew Michelmore reflects on the changes that marked 2021, and the achievements of the School community.

A new scholarship to pay it forward

Martin Hoe knows first-hand how transformative scholarship support can be. Now, he wants to share this support with the next generation.

Friends of Grammar: 2021 highlights

Each year, Friends of Grammar seeks to engage, connect and support our School community - and this has certainly been the case in 2021.

Bringing a fresh perspective to philanthropy

Carl Junot understands that no two people decide to take philanthropic action for the same reason, and that every act of giving is also an act of building community.

Conversations with elders encourage empathy

Through the Argo program, our Year 7 students have been forging new connections with the elders in their lives.

Being an Old Melburnian

Being an Old Melburnian is a lifelong journey - but how does this translate in practice?

How well do you know someone?

2021 Sir Kingley Norris Orator and Year 12 student, Felix Archibald, muses on the problem of identity.

Sorry. We are (closed) OPEN.

Exhibitions of art in all its forms enable the sharing of ideas. The annual VCE Visual and Performing Arts Exhibition is a fine example of this.

Philanthropic highlights

Thank you to the many members of our School community who have made a contribution to the School over the past two years.

Learn, achieve, grow

The illustrations of how philanthropy has, and continues to, shape our School's programs and culture are myriad.