An ‘Australian Animals’ exhibition at Grimwade House

All Grimwade House students contributed to a wonderful art exhibition relating to Australian native animals and habitats which was recently staged at the School.

Each of the artwork themes linked to specific learning objectives, according to Mrs Lee-Anne D’Paul, Head of Visual Art at Grimwade House. “For example, when Year 3 students were creating koalas in trees, there were discussions about the impact of the loss of native vegetation on this species,” she explains. “Another year level looked at the textures that animals might leave on a landscape through, for instance, their footprints.”

The use of a wide variety of media was intentional as was the inspiration drawn from Australian and First Nations artists. “The influence of these artists is visible throughout the exhibition,” says Lee-Anne. “However, we challenged students to interpret, rather than copy, their style.”

Some pieces, such as a life size paper mache emu sculpture, were created collaboratively, then complemented by smaller individual works.

“I am so proud of our students’ ability to create pieces of art at a level far beyond what might normally be expected from children of their age,” Lee-Anne adds.