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Topic: October 2020 Edition

From Wadhurst to world-changing medical research

Paul Schreier’s path from an entrance scholar to his role fighting COVID-19 has been defined by a willingness to “roll the dice”.

Five minutes with brand strategist, Lorenzo Bresciani

Keeping brands relevant in today’s volatile world is a challenge embraced by Lorenzo Bresciani on a daily basis.

Celebrating our love of literature

Book Week is an annual highlight at Melbourne Grammar School.

Reshaping our art classrooms under lockdown

How can we instil an everyday appreciation for art away from the classroom? Teachers across Melbourne Grammar are finding novel answers to this question.

A love of learning well beyond the classroom

Daryl Evans’ life in education shows a dedication to community and the value of every learning experience.

Early School trips to Asia

Melbourne Grammar students enjoyed their first overseas trip almost 100 years ago. Today, they provide a rich accent to on-campus learning.

A career that celebrates School culture

For Dan Church (OM 1990), working at Melbourne Grammar has involved contribution and achievement in equal measure.

Inspiring new ways of thinking with technology

A chance decision to sign up for work experience at a primary school led Matt Smith into a digital career that is transforming teaching.

Year 3 travel to New Zealand

Not wishing to be limited by circumstance, Year 3 recently 'visited' the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa.

Preparing for a challenging world

The world is a place of turmoil and we are invited into global woes each day through media and other mechanisms. Should we refuse to acknowledge the negative aspects of our environment, or is education the key to resolving them? Here, Headmaster, Mr Philip Grutzner, explores the issues underpinning this question.