Premier’s Award success

Congratulations to six current and former Melbourne Grammar School students who have received a 2021 Premier’s Award in recognition of their outstanding achievement in VCE Unit 3 / 4 studies in 2020.

These individuals and the subjects in which they excelled are:

  • Luc Cazenave (OM 2020) – Philosophy
  • Charlie Froomes – Physical Education (studying as a Year 11 student)
  • Jaden Ling (OM 2020) – English (EAL)
  • Charlie McNamara – Systems Engineering (studying as a Year 11 student)
  • Nick Morris (OM 2020) – Environmental Science
  • Oscar Zhu (OM 2020) – Literature

Around 50,000 Victorian students completed their VCE in 2020. Many more completed individual units as Year 11 students. Drawn from this pool, a total of 297 Premier’s Awards have been presented this year, celebrating the very best students in each subject across the State.

Current Vice-Captain of the School, Charlie Froomes, was one of four Victorian students recognised for his Unit 3 / 4 Physical Education result. “While I was proud of my achievement, I don’t think the job is done yet,” he says. “I have five more subjects to go and I am now focused on those.” Charlie received a perfect score of 50 for Physical Education.

You can view a video of Charlie talking about his accomplishment here.

Luc Cazenave was the recipient of the 2020 Hone Medal for excellence in debating, and received a perfect score of 50 for Philosophy. He is currently studying Politics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics.

Luc was particularly grateful for the support he received from his VCE Philosophy teacher, Justin Glenn during 2020. “As I commence studying the subject in London, I’m certain that I’ll look back and miss the warm, friendly and entertaining environment Mr Glenn cultivated in his classroom.”

2020 Academic Head of School, Oscar Zhu, received perfect scores of 50 in Literature and Chemistry. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne on a Chancellor’s Scholarship. Jaden Ling is also studying at the University of Melbourne on a Chancellor’s Scholarship. His focus is a Bachelor of Science. He received a perfect score for English (EAL). Nick Morris is studying a double degree in Commerce and Engineering also at the University of Melbourne.

In praising the students for their success, Headmaster, Philip Grutzner, also acknowledged that the students excelled in a particularly trying year.

“We all faced many challenges in 2020 but there were particular issues for students studying VCE subjects,” he said. “It obviously requires significant levels of talent, dedication and hard work to be the best of the best in VCE. However, in 2020, students also required the focus and forbearance to overcome the issues associated with such disruption and change. Well done to these boys for their outstanding results.”

“It was pleasing to see that our students achieved outstanding results in such a diverse set of subjects,” added Mr Grutzner. “This is a testament to the depth and breadth of capability across our teaching staff, as well as their dedication and care for their students.”