Farewell Greg Caldwell

Greg Caldwell has served with distinction as Head of Wadhurst for the past 15 years. We wish him well in his upcoming retirement.

“When you start in a new organisation, it can feel like nothing you knew before is relevant and you need to start building your credibility all over again. In May 2016 that was how it was for me, when I began as Head of Grimwade House – that is, until 4.00pm on my first Friday afternoon when my phone rang.

It was a very cheery “so how was the first week?” call from Greg Caldwell, who was one of my fellow members of the School Executive team. He then rang me most Friday afternoons throughout that first Term just to check in with me, chew the fat and have a conversation about why the Demons were the best football club.

I believe that leadership is more about what we do than what we say, write or think. To me, Greg Caldwell epitomises this sentiment. He just does what good Heads do. He cares about his boys, cares about his team, cares about his school and cares about the performance of the Demons! This along with a healthy mix of laughter and fun is what I believe has made him so successful in his role as Head of Wadhurst.”

Royce Helm
Head of Grimwade House

“One of the real strengths of Greg’s tenure was that if you had an idea and could follow it through, he would support you. This encompassed activities within the classroom as well as ‘out of the ordinary’ excursions or guest performers and guest speakers.

This attitude was certainly welcomed by all staff including, in particular, newer members of staff who often arrived with some great ideas. Examples include the renewed Art program offering and student trips to Italy, Japan, China and Mauritius.

Greg was also a big supporter of our new Year 8 Camp Dowd Program near the Gippsland Lakes. This experience has been a good follow-on from the Year 7 Woodend Camp experience for students. Staff and students enjoyed the lakes, biking and camping out. Greg was a regular visitor to each group and staff welcomed his keen support and relaxed style.

In addition to major building projects, classrooms and the staffroom were all renewed in the last five years and this has certainly added to the staff experience – all thanks to Greg and a myriad of suggestions from staff.”

Greg Hughes
Chinese Language Coordinator and longest serving staff member at Wadhurst

“Never once have I seen Mr Caldwell without a smile, and the vibrancy and positivity that he that he exudes creates an inclusive environment where one can feel free to express oneself fully.

The care and compassion Mr Caldwell provides for students is epitomised by one notable moment that I shall forever cherish. On the first day back at school after Lockdown 1.0, Mr Caldwell visited every single classroom and had a hearty chat with all the boys and teachers about their experiences and highlights of the turbulent period.

You could sense the joy and camaraderie in the room, as Mr Caldwell united us under one umbrella and provided a bridge for connecting after being isolated for so long. We shared stories of our cooking disasters, and iso‑mullet haircuts. The transition back to face-to-face learning was made all the easier by these seemingly pointless yet deeply important conversations.

All in all, Mr Caldwell can be summarised as ‘a man, a myth, and certainly a legend’. The impact that he has had on me, as well as countless other boys is simply extraordinary.

I’ll forever remember your signature three rules, Mr Caldwell: “Make friends, make friends and make friends”.”

Hirunaka Ekanayake
2020 Wadhurst Captain