A new exhibition highlights new approaches

Exhibitions are an important part of many artists’ professional practice. At Melbourne Grammar we aim to provide our students with this experience on a regular basis.

The Year 9 & 10 Creative Arts Exhibition staged during Term III showcased the artistic talents of students across 2D Art, 3D Art, Visual Communication & Design, Photography and Media.

“Over the past semester, many of our visual art classes have focused on self-reflection and personal expression, and this is reflected in the exhibition,” explains Adam Cawood, Head of Creative and Performing Arts in the Senior School. “After two years of COVID-19 lockdowns, we thought this was important.”

In addition to introducing students to a range of styles and artforms across the breadth of subjects available, students were exposed to new combinations of media during their classes. Wood, paper, and paint combined with Masonite, ink and cyanotype to great effect.

“It can be really quite confronting to create an artwork then put it on a wall for it to be viewed and judged,” explains Adam. “Nevertheless, it is a crucial element in our program. We hope it gives students a sense of pride on their work.”

Great care is given to the aesthetics and composition of exhibitions at the School.

“The presentation of the artworks is almost as important as the artworks themselves,” says Adam. “It gives them a sense of space and place. In this way the artwork can take on its own life.”

The gallery below provides a snapshot of aspects of the display, including some background about the artistic approach used in each case.