Tut, Tut! was great, great!


When young Prince Tutankhamen (Tut) meets his common born doppelganger, Seti, in an Egyptian marketplace, and they decide to trade lives for three days, you know mayhem is about to ensue – and so it does.

But, in the tradition of all fine musicals, everything works out in the end with Prince Tut crowned Pharaoh and Seti made his Royal Advisor.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the Year 6 production of Tut, Tut!, especially Grimwade House drama teacher and Tut, Tut! director, Annette Curran, on such a wonderful production.

In addition to Prince Tut and Seti, key roles making the production such a success included Miss Sen (Tut’s tutor), Maia (Tut’s governess), Aat (Tut’s advisor), Seti’s street urchin friends, Tut’s royal attendants and the Hittite entourage of three. The villain of the piece, Seneb, together with her two offsiders, added a nice depth of intrigue.

The people in the marketplace, including the camel sellers and other vendors, palace staff, the herald and messenger all brought a vibrancy to the stage.

The singing and dancing were superb. And the clever and eye-catching costumes, sets and props added to the charm of the production.

And what did the audience think? Our shrivel of Year 5 theatre critics had this to say: